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Caso di azionamento n. 134
  • Autore: Marino Buzzi
  • Data: 01-05-2014
  • Luogo: Carso
  • Dispositivo: Paralife
  • Velivolo: Motoaliante Test TST 6 Duo
Le parole dell'autore
Activation rescue parachute system after takeoff. Cause the engine failure at 25 sec. from takeoff. Results : slight damage to the structure, no harm to people...after all the procedures for restarting the engine with null results and not having sufficient height to return to base, I decided for a forced landing. I found a small and insufficient field for deceleration I decided to activate the emergency system BRS configured Paralife. The configuration occurred to eliminate explosive parts and facilitate the visual inspection by a pressure gauge located on the gas cylinder. At the altitude of about 3 mt I activated the lever  without encountering resistance. The shot occurred immediately and parachute pulled away vertically almost instantly. Due to the low horizontal speed (about 60km / h) and not vertical, the opening occurred after about 1-2 seconds, with an angle from the point of engagement of about 45 ° .This premise an optimal stopping traction bringing the total distance of about 6-7 meters from the opening to a height of 1-1.5 meters. I consider very positively the possibility of being able, in case of need also not catastrophic, to perform a landing safely due to the total absence of explosive parts that cancel the risk of fire

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