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Caso di azionamento n. 135
  • Autore: Elisa Soravia
  • Data: 06-08-2014
  • Luogo: Speikboden
  • Dispositivo: Cilindricone
  • Velivolo: Paraglider
Le parole dell'autore

Speikboden, 6 august 2014…I was at 2600mt, big weather front, then I enter into the negative with three turns of twist, once went out and then negative again and I did 4 laps twist and then I decided to pull it!! I pulled the handle on the shoulder straps for  no more than 5 cm and it started fast and I also saw the trajectory, it was fired like a missile on the side….I cannot say that the landing went wrong, on a big field at 2200 meters, it would be a little 'sweeter if I had could neutralize my chute, however, I would say it went just fine!


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