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Caso di azionamento n. 17
  • Autore: Tjasa Jug
  • Data: 01-03-1996
  • Luogo: Venezuela
  • Dispositivo: Aircone
  • Velivolo: parapendio
Le parole dell'autore
In the March 1996 I came back from the PWC event in Venezuela. I was flying my Xenon 22 there and I was, although it was quite turbulent, very satisfied with it. This should be a successful season. March, 31. The conditions looked perfect , high cloud base and weak north wind, what makes it possible to fly across the flatland. Full of enthusiasm, I decided to fly a cross country. Soon after the take off I wanted to make a photo of it. But I didnít. My glider collapsed and went into strong rotation. I tried to stop it, but I was only 80 meters above the ground. Oh, how glad I was to have an AIRCONE. I just pulled the handle - I didnít need to search for it. Next moment I was already on the ground. Healthy and safe. Unfortunately this stopped my successful flying for quite a long time, but much better than forever. Thanks to AIRCONE.

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