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Caso di azionamento n. 27
  • Autore: Ajo, team leader sloveno
  • Data: 01-07-1998
  • Luogo: Piedrahita Spain
  • Dispositivo: Aircone
  • Velivolo: parapendio
Le parole dell'autore
Europeans 1998 Ajo, our team leader, just got a new glider without brake handles. But willing to fly, he just put the new handles on, without measuring the length of the brakes. But Piedrahita can be rough sometimes, so maybe it wasnít the best idea. After a pleasant flight he got very low. But typical for Piedrahita, he got a very strong lift 100 meters above the ground. He made two turns, but suddenly the glider escaped back and then forward. Maybe the brakes were to long, maybe . . . but the reaction of the glider was far to violent. He pulled the AIRCONE handle and landed safely. Now Ajo is well. But who knows, what would happened, if he would have to throw the emergency by hand?

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