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1. Features
1. Features




SIBRON: the first emergency parachute with pneumatic ejection


  • the energy is provided by a gas cylinder of the fire-fighting type, loaded with compressed air at 160 bar checkable through a fixed pressure-gauge. Pressure variations up to 15 bar caused by thermal changes of the environment, prove the presence of air, its pressure and the proper functioning of the gauge

  • the driving handle is an ergonomic handle to be gripped and pulled with one or both hands with the required strength and for the full stroke. The strain actually required corresponds to about 8 kg and the stroke is approximately 10 cm

  • launch is by ejection: the whole parachute is forcibly ejected far from obstacles which might prevent full opening. The rope bundle stretches out at first; only when it has reached tension does the sail start spreading

  • the device is made in stainless steel, which guarantees high and long resistance to atmospherical and environmental agents and to abrasions

  • the parachute is made in controlled porosity fabric and with direct opening pod; its spreading and opening time is very short (about 1-2 seconds). Resulting stress on the craft might reach 5 g deceleration. The solidity of the structure where it is fastened to the craft has to be checked with great care. Maximum opening speed should not exceed 130Km/h. The  swing effect is moderate

  • the constraint rope  out of the parachute is linked with a plastic coated very high resistance steel cable. Maximum length of such connection (free cable + constraint rope) must be such as to prevent, under any circumstance, the contact of wing tips or other craft components with the parachute strings. The constraint rope is about 3 metres long


  • the above-mentioned steel cable is to be fastened to the craft  by means of a constraint clamp in syntetic fibres (with a tensile strength of 7000 Kg for lenghtwise configuration) in order to extend the bearing surface and not to weaken the hook-up point

  • spring catches Maillon Rapide in treated steel with double thread closure are used; their tensile strength reaching 5500 kg at least.





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