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Our mission

The commitment to making  innovative launch systems for emergency parachutes began in 1988.
Since then, a pool of avid technicians in Parma has created 
innovative launch systems, all allied by a single philosophy: to use ejection devices having compressed air as their source of energy.

These select solutions are still valid today as they take performance and reliability to an exceptional level.

Mine is the constant dedication to achieving this result: Giordano Comelli, class of '59, Mechanical Engineer.

The youthful practice of parachuting and hanggliding has plunged me into the fantastic world of free flight. The beauty, the importance and the dignity of these leisure activities convinced me to improve the safety.

Job experiences that helped me in this matter, have certainly been those gained as a paraglider and plastic injection mould designer.

The specialisations gained and a continuous presence allow me to optimize products and distribute them in a significant way above all in the Italian market, to such a point that our company is number 2 in the world as regards deployment and second or third for number of systems sold.

I therefore thank the enthusiasts, friends, pilots, associates, suppliers and above all the customers, who have allowed me to persevere in my work with their feedback, suggestions, trust and acknowledgement.

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