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While doing this job we quickly realised that it is not enough to have an emergency system if this is installed incorrectly, if it is suddenly recalled, if not regularly checked, if it is not fully understood, or you are unsure how to use it, if you are not ready, decisive or unsure whether to deploy, or if you are unsure what to expect.

Having an emergency installed should not in any way induce you to become less prudent; in the total and complex cases of deployment, there is no guarantee of a successful outcome. 

We therefore urge our customers to read their manuals, to expand their knowledge of their systems, and to learn these topics; studying these aspects means increasing your knowledge of inflight systems in conditions more or less problematic and difficult.

It has been said install and forget. Certainly the difference between having it and not is abyssal,, but to be constantly  updated is a key to greater safety.


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