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Very probably our emergency parachutes have been used successfully in a number of emergency cases quite close to 100.
This number could be an underestimate because we don't get to hear about many cases.

On this website, we keep a  careful record of cases where our products have been deployed by Italian pilots using all types of emergency parachutes. We have also included around a hundred cases of manual deployments which we believe to be of significant value taken from the history of Italian free flight. We will also include in the future other relevant cases regarding emergency systems.

The importance of this information cannot be understated; to ignore real life situations that happened a few kilometers away or a couple of years ago could be very costly.

Those of you who may have had to deploy your emergency, or who know of someone who has, is asked to contact us.  

The amount of data regarding these deployments is significant and small details can be frequently distorted; please inform us or give us your interpretation of events which you know of or better still that you have seen personally.

The accuracy of  information regarding deployment is patrimony of the whole community of pilots, instructors and sector operators.

We also appreciate the cooperation of the pilots involved in these events, in giving us their input while tollerating those moments that may even give rise to criticism.



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