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History of the parachute


The pages of the reports of deployment of emergency parachutes are comprised of many excerpts from tales of mishaps and air accidents relating to an accessory, whose importance we must all reflect upon.

These excerpts become a brief but intense story in episodes, that bear witness to how important emergency parachutes have been in Italy and for the Italians.

whoever may have lived one of these experiences is part of these episodes and should not be afraid to be on these pages: personally, given my line of work, I have the role of interpreting and describing those fleeting instants

The work of sector operators and the experiences of these pilots can surely be useful to the fragile world of flight : the knowledge of these occurrencies is patrimony of the whole community of enthusiasts and flyers.

To this end these events must be at the very least as accurate as possible; if you know of any deployment not covered here or of different accounts, please get in touch with us.

The report will be rapidly updated and information amended as necessary; this will tend to be, based on our experience and the definition of the elements, the most likely explanation of the events.

Actual deployments

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