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1. Features
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1. Features




The main characteristics taken into account for the Cylindron project are:

  • The apparatus of expulsion of the pod containing the parachute, consisting of a cylinder and a quick discharge valve with high characteristics of functional reliability deriving directly from the experience of the launchers Aircone e Cylindricone
  • Cylinder watertight shutter double sealed, charged with air compressed to 150 bar.
  • Launch system lever or pull handle connected via bowden cable. There are safeguards to prevent accidental operation.
  • Pod in mylar e trilam for a high level protection of the parachute. Thanks to his "bullet" shape and and the high amount of kinetic energy, the pod is able to overcome many of the obstacles in its path during launch. , If correctly fixed ,the parachute protected therefore is opened far away from the aircraft structure and any accompanying turbulence.
  • High resistance lightweight alloy launch tube with breech and strengthens. The high resistance of this element makes launching possible even if damaged or imprisoned by aircraft structure as for example in a collision or from inflight  structural failure.
  • The possibility  to adapt the launcher attachment  to the aircraft using customized solutions; This allows, at the time of installation, the maximum flexibility in choosing the direction of launch.
  • High resistance materials used in the construction, commonly used in aeronautical production. All the components are produced with CNC machining.
  • Double coating paint guarantees high resistance to atmospheric and ambient factors
  • The parachute is made from controlled porosity material and through a direct opening pod, provides a very quick deployment. The forces acting on the aircraft can reach as much as 5 g of deceleration. Always make sure the bridle is attached to a solid part of the aircraft structure in case of necessity it is recommended share strain in two or more position. Maximum velocity at the time of deployment should not exceed 130 km/h, (80 mph). The pendulum effect is reduced.
  • The control lines connected to the shroud can be  lengthened by a high resistance steel cable protected by a plastic sheath, or with suitable plastic rope with adequate resistance. The full length of the lines should be such that no part of the aircraft comes into contact with the lines. The control line length of the parachute is  3 meters in length.
  • The bridle is made from synthetic fibres able to withstand a breaking strain of 7000 kg inflight weight.
  • Treated steel carabiners of the Maillon Rapide type with double screw lock having a breaking strain of at least 5500kg.


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