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Cylindricone KOB
1. Features
1. Features

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Cylindricone CYL is a launching device pneumatic or manual emergency parachutes for paragliding, small trike.

In the releases Cylindricone MID and Cylindricone KOB have been increased the capacity of the container of the parachute increasing the diameter to 160 and 152 mm, respectively.

The device has been designed to present reduced danger to the ground, as accidental operation involves the launch of the parachute contained in a compressed fabric bag and not the launch of weights or rockets. The dynamics of the launch is expulsive (all the parachute is thrown with force away from the pilot, distention of sail begins only when the rope is already in tension) and the launch is not  extractive (the parachute begin to lie from the apical foramen very close to the aircraft).  The device is equipped with a pressure gauge to check before each flight the position of the cylinder.


   Weight device = 2,5 Kg

∑  Outside Diameter MID = 160 mm

  • Outside Diameter KOB = 152 mm

  • Charging pressure = 160 bar
  • Volume of air charge =  45 cc
  • Total length of small size = 35 cm
  • Total length of medium size =40 cm
  • Total length of big sizes = 45 cm



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